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nnr01 Fundraiser Edition, released October 14, 2020 Recorded April 2020 at the 1234 Test Kitchen, Los Angeles. Hidhawk – electronics, Mike Meanstreetz – electronics, midi guitar, drums, Mike Glover – bass / fx, Engineered and mixed by Mike Meanstreetz, Mastered by Felix Salazar. .


nettnettradio is run as a cooperative and is made possible with contributions from monthly, weekly and daily curators (and behind the scenes collaborators) that generously share with listeners their passions, knowledge and interests through sound.  Browse the _Curators directory to learn more about the work  these individuals and groups are doing, and support their programming on nettnettradio by donating to them directly.
Weekly Curators

Adam Keith, aka Cube, is a musician and multi-disciplinary artist currently based in New York.


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Baited Area
20:00 PST / 23:00 EST

The audio arm of Baited Area, a magazine about contemporary underground art, culture, and technology. 

#esoteric #collage #industrial #noise #dub #interview #technology

ATTA RECS is a Tijuana-based label dedicated to the distribution of sound and art focusing on the experimental and abstract side of the subconscious.


Tune in to:
ATTA Lost Signal Dimension
Fridays  22:00 PST / 00:00 CST

A Mysterious Rhythm Is Coming From Another Galaxy – Astronomers have been tracking fast radio bursts for years, but they’ve never caught one like this before.

Wakuri Lo and Chris Rod, random dudes from Tijuana, started tracking these signals in 2017. They found out on google studies about an astrophysical phenomena called “ATTA Lost Signal Dimension.” These invisible flashes, known as ATTALSD for short, reach Earth from all directions in space. They show up without warning and flash for a few minutes, matching the radiance of entire galaxies.

#attarecs #tijuanalofi #attalsd

Official #BlackLivesMatter Los Angeles chapter. Est. 7/13/13 to end state-sanctioned violence against Black people.    https://linktr.ee/blmla

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This Is Not a Drill
rebroadcast on nettnettradio
18:00 PST / 21:00 EST

With the crisis of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles has moved into an online space to bring vital resources and information to the community.

Alicante, España, 1974.

Músico multiintrumentista, licenciado en Psicología Clínica (UNED, España) y especialista en Psicología de la Música y Musicoterapia.
Maestría en Etnomusicología por la Univérsité de Montréal (Canadá).

Centra su formación y trayectoria en la investigación, la práctica musical y la divulgación sobre la aplicación de la música en contextos terapéuticos y educativos.

Desde 2012 reside en México donde es profesor, músico y terapeuta musical, en diferentes instituciones.


Diario de un Musiconauta
16:00 PST / 19:00 EST

Musica y trance: the program explores the shamanic & meditation music trough an eclectic and transcultural approach. 

Una visión personal sobre el poder transformador y sanador de la música y el trance en el mundo. Recorrido por las músicas, los actores e investigadores del universo de la música y el trance. >Recursos: Djiyng, entrevistas, lectura de textos, locuciones.

Temas :
– La emoción y la música
– Música y estados alterados de consciencia
– Performance- Los instrumentos de las músicas de trance
– La música y el trance en el caribe
– El trance y África
– El trance en europa; tarantella y demás
-La música y el trance en América México
-La música y el chamanismo.
-Trance electrónico y ritual.
-Música y medicinas sagradas
-Respiración y música
-Música y yoga
-La danza y el ritual
-La música en India y Pakistan
-La música sufí (sâma)-Diferentes usos y ceremonias
-Trance, género, politica y resistencia
-Musiconautica, exploración

Cameron MacNair is a Seattle based composer and software engineer. He creates audio programs for the computer to dissect, mangle, and regurgitate signals as a reach for philosophical and empathetic grounding.


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The Electroacoustic Hour
21:00 PST / 00:00 EST

1 hr of contemporary music showcasing innovative constraints in the domain of electronic and acoustic audio. This show  celebrates the wonderful diversity of new music and real-time expression.

Cybernetics /  Non Standard Graphic Notation /  Data-sonification/composition /  Free Improvisation / Ecological Relationships of Concurrent Sound Sources

The listener is encouraged to ask themselves: how do I engender the music I hear? How are the players (both human and machine) uniquely embedded into the music?

#experimental #freeimprovisation #contemporary #classical #electronic

Musician, producer, cultural promoter, Hole Records co-founder, experimental illustrator and painter. Born in Ensenada, Baja California. Plays in the bands Tajak, Flor de Kapomo, Coqueta, Phermatta Du Enddo Plantae, aside from producing solo music. Has played in Mutek, Nrmal, Milhoes de Festa, Aural, Marvin, Hole Fest, Liverpool Psych Fest, LEVITATION, among others.

Currently based in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico.


Tune in to:
Caos Optimista /Optimistic Chaos
17:00 PST / 19:00 CST

“Official Hole Records radio show. Promoting artists from all over Latin America and the world. Exploring mainly female energy and experimental alchemical explorations of the unknown.”

#holerecords #experimental, #electronic #ambient #idm #pop

Whirlynn is a central Florida-based multimedia artist, musician, curator and educator specializing in interactive live art engaging the audience to become a part of the art with environmental light, repurposed technology and sound.


Tune in to:
Florida Showers
19:00 PST /  22:00 EST

A collection of recorded Florida artists, dj sets, interviews and new releases from Florida’s finest experimental artists.

#experimental #lowfi #ambient #floridanoise #postpunk #dreampop #posteverything

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04:00 DJ Ghost of Badman Blastquez
08:00 Existing Before Eyesight {11:00 EST}
09:00 DJ Ghost of Badman Blastquez
16:00 Medaica
17:00 Elastic {19:00 CST}
18:00 Internal Sunshine
19:00 Existing Before Eyesight - replay from Monday morning
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17:00 Horizontal #1stTuesday {airs March 1}
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18:00 The Mix Match Emperor Show
19:00 Florida Showers {22:00 EST}
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18:00 Comme A La Radio {airs March 10}
19:00 Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts
20:00 Weird Cry Records Radio Show
21:00 Sick Spell
22:00 Lietoc's Demands Remain Unwritten
23:00 Gimme
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02:00 MEDITATE - GAMMA frequencies
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04:00 Gimme
14:00 Luisa Martinez {airs March 11} #2ndThursday
16:00 Diario de un Musiconauta {18:00 CST} {airs March 4}
17:00 Caos Optimista / Hole Records {19:00 CST}
18:00 Humanx Atomo
19:00 Background Noise {21:00 CST}
21:00 Digital is Mental
22:00 Googoogaga {Begins Feb. 19}
22:00 AyDD
23:00 Moss Gather Stone #1stThursday {08:00 CET}
23:00 Raw Milk #2ndThursday
23:00 Monokid #3rdThursday
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10:00 Ecotone #1stFriday
10:00 Creative Mornings Tijuana #2ndFriday
10:00 Las Aventuras de Neuroartes #3rdFriday
11:00 Radio Rumorosa {airs March 5}
13:00 The Cosmic Pizza Show
14:00 AyDD
20:00 Hard Party
21:00 OTONO / Prototype #1stFriday
21:00 Dagoberto #2ndFriday
21:00 Nerve #3rdFriday
21:00 Pandemia COOL ERA #4thFriday
22:00 ATTA Lost Signal Dimension
23:00 Ghost of DJ Badman Blastquez
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04:00 La Panica {07:00 EST} {13:00 CET}
10:00 Hear! Hear! {13:00 EST} {19:00 CET}
11:00 Audio Revolt {14:00 EST} {20:00 CET}
12:00 Shrine13 Guest Room
13:00 Sonic Altar #1st&3rdSaturday
13:00 HyperReading #2nd&4thSaturday
14:00 Orgasmic Whiplash
20:00 TBD
21:00 Puerto Escondido #1stSaturday {23:00 CST}
21:00 Available Balance #2ndSaturday
21:00 Musa Paradisiaca Records #3rdSaturday {23:00 CST}
21:00 Rat-Ward Radio #4thSaturday {00:000 EST}
22:00 Three Ring Collapse #1stSaturday
22:00 Noise Pulp #2ndSaturday
22:0 Puppet and Placebo #3rdSaturday
22:00 Ruidos Ilegales #4thSaturday
23:00 AyDD
00:00 RELAX - ALPHA frequencies
01:00 SLEEP - DELTA frequencies
02:00 MEDITATE - GAMMA frequencies
03:00 FOCUS - BETA frequencies
04:00 AyDD
10:00 Pensamiento Indigena Contemporaneo y su Relacion con el Pensamiento Gandhiano
15:00 Be a Loud Poem #4thSunday
16:00 Siemprevivas #1stSunday
17:00 NOLYMPIA {20:00 EST}
18:00 This Is Not A Drill / BLM {21:00 EST}
19:00 Premirrors
20:00 Oscillating Wildly
21:00 The Electroacoustic Hour
22:00 The Ghost of DJ Badman Blastquez


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nettnettradio is an expansive network of radio makers working to cultivate an art and information channel that aggregates stories from citizens around the world. As a freethinking radio community, we advocate for accessibility, the exchange of knowledge and the development of safe spaces for the production and broadcasting of diverse cultural and artistic practices – essential processes for social, physical and mental well-being. We operate as a self-organized, non-profit, non-corporatized group of artists, activists and innovators that believe in revolution through radio. Now, more than ever, we must work together to develop solidarity among a diverse and impactful web of trans-continental voices.