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nnr01 Fundraiser Edition, released October 14, 2020 Recorded April 2020 at the 1234 Test Kitchen, Los Angeles. Hidhawk – electronics, Mike Meanstreetz – electronics, midi guitar, drums, Mike Glover – bass / fx, Engineered and mixed by Mike Meanstreetz, Mastered by Felix Salazar. .


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Weekly Curators

ATTA RECS is a Tijuana-based label dedicated to the distribution of sound and art focusing on the experimental and abstract side of the subconscious.


Tune in to:
ATTA Lost Signal Dimension
22:00 PST / 00:00 CST


A Mysterious Rhythm Is Coming From Another Galaxy – Astronomers have been tracking fast radio bursts for years, but they’ve never caught one like this before.

Wakuri Lo and Chris Rod, random dudes from Tijuana, started tracking these signals in 2017. They found out on google studies about an astrophysical phenomena called “ATTA Lost Signal Dimension.” These invisible flashes, known as ATTALSD for short, reach Earth from all directions in space. They show up without warning and flash for a few minutes, matching the radiance of entire galaxies.

#attarecs #tijuanalofi #attalsd

#BlackLivesMatter Los Angeles chapter. Est. 7/13/13 to end state-sanctioned violence against Black people.


Tune in to:
This Is Not a Drill
rebroadcast on nettnettradio
18:00 PST / 21:00 EST

With the crisis of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles has moved into an online space to bring vital resources and information to the community.

Alicante, España, 1974.

Músico multiintrumentista, licenciado en Psicología Clínica (UNED, España) y especialista en Psicología de la Música y Musicoterapia.
Maestría en Etnomusicología por la Univérsité de Montréal (Canadá).

Centra su formación y trayectoria en la investigación, la práctica musical y la divulgación sobre la aplicación de la música en contextos terapéuticos y educativos.

Desde 2012 reside en México donde es profesor, músico y terapeuta musical, en diferentes instituciones.


Diario de un Musiconauta
16:00 PST / 19:00 EST

Musica y trance: the program explores the shamanic & meditation music trough an eclectic and transcultural approach. 

Una visión personal sobre el poder transformador y sanador de la música y el trance en el mundo. Recorrido por las músicas, los actores e investigadores del universo de la música y el trance. >Recursos: Djiyng, entrevistas, lectura de textos, locuciones.

Temas :
– La emoción y la música
– Música y estados alterados de consciencia
– Performance- Los instrumentos de las músicas de trance
– La música y el trance en el caribe
– El trance y África
– El trance en europa; tarantella y demás
-La música y el trance en América México
-La música y el chamanismo.
-Trance electrónico y ritual.
-Música y medicinas sagradas
-Respiración y música
-Música y yoga
-La danza y el ritual
-La música en India y Pakistan
-La música sufí (sâma)-Diferentes usos y ceremonias
-Trance, género, politica y resistencia
-Musiconautica, exploración

Cameron MacNair is a Seattle based composer and software engineer. He creates audio programs for the computer to dissect, mangle, and regurgitate signals as a reach for philosophical and empathetic grounding.


Tune in to:
The Electroacoustic Hour
21:00 PST / 00:00 EST

1 hr of contemporary music showcasing innovative constraints in the domain of electronic and acoustic audio. This show  celebrates the wonderful diversity of new music and real-time expression.

Cybernetics /  Non Standard Graphic Notation /  Data-sonification/composition /  Free Improvisation / Ecological Relationships of Concurrent Sound Sources

The listener is encouraged to ask themselves: how do I engender the music I hear? How are the players (both human and machine) uniquely embedded into the music?

#experimental #freeimprovisation #contemporary #classical #electronic

Musician, producer, cultural promoter, Hole Records co-founder, experimental illustrator and painter. Born in Ensenada, Baja California. Plays in the bands Tajak, Flor de Kapomo, Coqueta, Phermatta Du Enddo Plantae, aside from producing solo music. Has played in Mutek, Nrmal, Milhoes de Festa, Aural, Marvin, Hole Fest, Liverpool Psych Fest, LEVITATION, among others.

Currently based in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico.


Tune in to:
Caos Optimista /Optimistic Chaos
17:00 PST / 19:00 CST

“Official Hole Records radio show. Promoting artists from all over Latin America and the world. Exploring mainly female energy and experimental alchemical explorations of the unknown.”

#holerecords #experimental, #electronic #ambient #idm #pop

Cypress Atlas is a trans femme performance artist in New Orleans, LA.

  Venmo: @cypressatlas

Tune in to:
17:00 PST / 19:00 CST

A showcase of contemporary music from Queer/Trans artists with a focus on, but not limited to, experimental, electronic, pop and noise music.

#queer #transgender #experimental #lgbtq

Daby is an audio wizard with a background in mathematics and live performance.

Currently based in Long Beach, CA.


Tune in to:
Existing Before Eyesight
8:00 & 19:00 CST / 
11:00 & 13:00 EST

Organic audio metaphysical meditations on vibrational reality, interwoven with a story about algae and the people who seek its secret.

#feedback #naturalsystems #word jazz #noir #poetry #philosophy #water #algae #life #meditation #noise #trippy #acid #trees #sci-fi #phi-fi

La native.


Tune in to:
Sick Spell
21:00 PST / 00:00 EST

Pseudo-compositions-cum-unlikely friendships in this steady stream of existential mashups.

#soundcollage #mashups #musiqueconcrete


Italian music collector/DJ, political scientist and fintech consultant living in London since the  early 00s.

In the mid-90s started playing keyboards in a ‘krautrock’ band which led to a Radio show residency in the ‘legendary’ Link Club in Bologna (It) and in Brighton’s Radio Reverb (UK).

Promoted the revamp of the ‘Italo disco’ sound in London and released tracks under the alias of ‘Craxi Disco’.


Tune in to: 
The Cosmic Pizza Show
13:00 PST / 21:00 GMT

Presented by Craxi Disco

A bi-weekly selection of Balearic and Space-Disco infused beats, including deep excursions into the history of  Italian electronic music – from the 60’s library/soundtracks scene through the 80s Italo dance/proto-house era until the current new disco resurgence.

#cosmicdisco #balearicbeat #italodisco #craxidisco

Born unto gglm then baited fate in Japan, nonetheless Tacos al Frances his current Land. Curing the sick with Old synths and radio AM licks, against the grain or shine, whilst whistling that trusty cRhyme.


Tune in to:
Digital Is Mental
21:00 PST / 00:00 EST

Netted from the bottom of the collective digital unconsciousness they call life, unpopular treasures, brought forth, non contrite.

#warped #obscure #world #poetry

A guy in LA.


Tune in to:
Oscillating Wildly
20:00 PST / 23:00 EST

A thematic dive into any subject musical.

#mixtape #thematic #prismaticspray

Poeta, narrador, músico, docente y terapeuta originario de Tijuana. Se ha destacado por su labor en la enseñanza de la literatura y de las artes. En los últimos años se ha enfocado también en la enseñanza de la espiritualidad a través de transmisiones y pláticas públicas y privadas, además de talleres que incluyen la combinación de técnicas literarias con desarrollo personal. Es autor de varios libros incluyendo la novela Medaica, que trata sobre un grupo de magos terapeutas en el renacimiento y en la que se exponen múltiples temas de espiritualidad.


16:00 PST / 18:00 CST

Medaica es un programa de radio enfocado en el desarrollo personal del público, partiendo de la premisa: Todos tenemos una misión de vida que podemos alcanzar a través de nuestra evolución personal.

A través de diversos factores, enseñanzas, conceptos, textos, referencias históricas, literarias y técnicas espirituales se ofrece al público una visión que le permita ampliar sus horizontes en su trabajo personal, permitiéndole encaminarse en su evolución.

#espiritualidad #meditación #kabbalah #desarrollohumano #evolución #sanaciónespiritual #terapiaenergética

Jive Baby (Julia Monreal) is an artist/curator currently based in Los Angeles


Tune in to :
22:00 PST / 01:00 EST

Take a leap with me into ambiguity! Tune in for an hour of highbrow, lowbrow, and everything in between!

#avantgarde #novelty #leftfield #absurd

Julian Gomez (AR. 1973) Composer, experimental musician and audiovisual artist. 

With a great interest in the relationship between ambient sound, the passage of time and how we perceive it in relation to the environment, he creates a sound framed in the sonorities of ambient, drone, noise, spectral music, minimalism and experimental electronic music.

His first instruments were 3 recorders, 2 microphones and a small and rudimentary system for cutting and pasting tapes inherited from his father, who worked in radios as an editor and music maker.

He uses analogue and digital synthesizers, samplers and audio editing software, processes acoustic instruments and makes extensive use of field recordings.

His artistic production includes electronic music compositions, electroacoustics and audiovisual performances.

He currently presents his work in A/V format with material from his three albums, ep’s and unedited music, in 2.0 and 5.1 modes.

Julian gives workshops on sound art, field recordings and electronic composition.


Tune in to:
Background Noise
19:00-21:00 PST /
22:00-00:00 EST

A short and sweet weekly visit to experimental, ambient, drone and field recordings music.

#ambientmusic #dronemusic #experimentalmusic #fieldrecordings #cut&paste #glitch

Los Angeles, California, 

DJ/Producer/Musician/Baby Dada Daddy


Tune in to:
The Mix Match Emperor Show
18:00 PST / 21:00 EST

Just beats n thangs n flowers…

Curadora de Tijuana radicada en San Francisco enfocada en arte contemporáneo.


Radio Rumorosa
Fridays / Viernes
11:00 PST / 13:00 CST

Este programa está enfocado en conversaciones con artistas visuales y gestores culturales que se encuentran en la frontera. Hablamos sobre su práctica, la ciudad, y el futuro que quieren ver.

#artecontemporaneo #tijuana #arte #frontera #entrevistas #artistas #platicas #conversaciones #dialogos #artevisual #bajacalifornia

One third of backwoods diy party crew Bad Behavior bring an hour of restorative business. Gabber, Acid, crust, trashy soundcloud edits, new school new age, trans magic, booty poppers and poppers energy, harsh noise at 140 bpm, Big D(IY) Energy for the people.


Tune in to:
Hard Party
20:00 PST / 23:00 EST

#queertechno #leftfield #experimentaltechno #crass #dystopia #acid #gabber #newage #transwomanmagic #harshnoise #perreo #punksistechno #deconstrucktedtechno

Kio Griffith is an interdisciplinary artist, avid record collector turned DJ, arts + music + performance curator, writer, and publisher based in Los Angeles and Yokohama, Japan. He works across themes of social issues, geopolitics, and migrating cultures and articulates collaborative work between disciplines. His work is in private and museum collections, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


Tune in to:
20:00 PST / 13:00 JST

Transit is a weekly free-guided tour of the unrealized and the re-enactor of music and sonic experiments of yesterdecades from the lost century. Speed-dial. Which way tomorrow.

#retrofuturism #freejazz #electronicrelics #vintagejapan #experimentalworldtour

Radio hours that turn panic into power. Featuring audio revolts, experimental storytelling, social justice segments, revolutionary tributes, radio performances, and radical communities from Tijuana to Palestine.

Tune in to:
La Panica Radio 
04:00 – 12:00  PST / 
07:00  – 15:00 EST

#audiorevolt #hearhear #lapanica #nettnettradio #panicintopower #citizennews #socialjustice #radicalradio #experimentalradioperformance #audiomystic #anarchistradio #nuevayork #fromtijuanatopalestine

Self-described ex-Radiohead stand and REM Apologist, now blog enthusiast writing about tapes at Tabs Out.


Tune in to:
Lietoc’s Demands Remain Unwritten
22:00 PST / 01:00 EST

#tapemusic #pulp-punk #reverbedbliss

MMz is a multimedia artist  with work both seeding new genres, and reaping the fallen fruit of old. As such, his non-traditional craft swears allegiance to none. His atonal music, sculpture, video, painting, and costume rarely appear in the singular, most often materializing in a tangle of synesthesia.


Tune in to:
Ruidos Ilegales
#4th Saturdays
22:00 PST / 00:00 CST

Rompe las fronteras beyond the realm de Las Californias y ride with digital bootlegger DJ Badman Blastquez y sus contrabandos sonidos sin reglas por state o espiritual, fallen and occupying the cracks between worlds amongst los fantasmas malditos de realidad con las músicas emocionadas de ellos.

#Rompefronteras #corridos #hardcore #musicanativa #metal  

19:00 PST / 21:00 EST

Who do you see in the mirror?Join us for Premirrors, a show that opens positing that very question, and airs its response in reflexive monologues by visiting artists contextualizing their “in the studio” musical performances. We feature non commercial and free music of all inspirations based in Los Angeles, cushioning our premiers with spun records & tapes reflecting our guests, as we lounge about before and after the set at the 1234 Test Kitchen. Close your eyes and look.

Tijuana, MX


Tune in to:
Humanx Atomo
18:00 PST / 20:00 CST

Discoteca bisemanal.

#humanx.átomo #niñxnadie #olios_nidios  #experimental #mixteip

NOlympics LA is the Los Angeles hub of the transnational movement to abolish the Olympics, which always accelerate displacement, police militarization, and corruption in host cities.


Tune in to: 
17:00 PST / 20:00 EST

The Olympics destroy communities and kill cities. #NOlympicsAnywhere

#NOlympicsLA #LA28 #HomesNotGames #HomesNotHotels #CancelTheOlympics #NOlympicsAnywhere

OraWorldMandala, Programa de Extensión en México de la Gujarat Vidyapith (Universidad fundada por Mahatma Gandhi en 1920); el Programa se enfoca en la difusión de la Noviolencia creativa a través de actividades de investigación, acción, formación y comunicación.


Congreso Virtual: Pensamiento Indígena Contemporáneo y su Relación con el Pensamiento Gandhiano
10:00 PST / 12:00 CST

En el congreso se analizan los rumbos del pensamiento indígena contemporáneo en México y América Latina y su relación con el pensamiento gandhiano. A lo largo de los meses de septiembre, octubre y noviembre de 2020 la Cátedra Mahatma Gandhi, conformada por diferentes instituciones educativas de México, ha realizado mesas redondas virtuales temáticas, con la participación de integrantes de comunidades indígenas de México y América Latina y especialistas del pensamiento gandhiano. Las y los ponentes indígenas han expuesto la importancia de diferentes temas para la construcción de un mundo mejor en el que nos ha tocado vivir, su experiencia en la construcción del conocimiento indígena en la materia, y los retos que eso representa para superar el colonialismo epistémico. Las y los especialistas gandhianos han intervenido resaltando la importancia entre lo expuesto y el pensamiento de Mahatma Gandhi. Las instituciones integrantes de la Cátedra Mahatma Gandhi e organizadoras de este congreso son: OraWorldMandala, El Colegio de San Luis, la Escuela Nacional de Estudios Superiores Unidad Morelia de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, la Universidad de Guadalajara, la Universidad de la Tierra Oaxaca, el Centro Cultural Tijuana, el Consejo Zacatecano de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación, el Colegio de San Ildefonso, la Fundación Tosepan (Cuetzalan), la Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, la Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, la Universidad Pedagógica Nacional – Plantel Istmo, la Universidad Veracruzana y la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

#Noviolencia #Paz #Justicia #ProgramaConstructivodeMahatmaGandhi #Unidad comunitaria #PensamientoIndígena #SaberesAncestrales #Interculturalidad #Autogobierno #Educación #BuenVivir #DefensaDelTerritorio

Born in 1988, Composer / Improviser / Multi-Instrumentalist / Singer-Song Writer / Concert Promoter  / Photogrher / Painter / Poet from Ojai, CA. Label owner of Weird Cry Records. Organizes the Weird Cry Records Music Concert Series in Ojai/Ventura, California.


Tune in to:
Weird Cry Records
Radio Show
20:00 PST / 22:00 CST

Showcasing avant-garde, and rare music from the 20th and 21th century. Also blending interviews and performances from musicians in the outsider, fringe, rare music, avant-garde field.

#ojai #weirdcryrecords #avantgarde #robmagill

Samur is the founder and curator at (the) Handbag Factory / Seahorse Sound Studios in Los Angeles. He has been performing drone and experimental sound under the name Conscious Summary for over a decade.


Tune in to:
19:00 PST / 21:00 CST

Welcome to the alluring and absurd realms of Chopped and Screwed Eastern Musics, Ambient, Grindcore, Sad Disco and archival recordings of past shows at the (the) Handbag Factory. A weekly collection of  dusty world peculiarities, chops, screws, field recordings and flutes.

#saddisco #archival #ambient #grindcore

Shrine13 is a production house, publisher, and creative network of self-organized artists.


Tune in to:
12:00 PST / 15:00 EST

Welcome to the Shrine13 Guest Room, we hope you enjoy your stay. Visit with our special guest artists, journalists, and creators who will play their new mixes, past mixes, field reports, experimental audio shows or whatever they brought in their suitcases, every Saturday at 12 pst. 

#shrine13guestroom #shrine13 #dialogue #music #artradio #experimentalmusic #guestroom #guestmix #mixtapes #specialreport

13:00 PST / 16:00 EST

⤐⤑⥺ Sonic⦽Altar ⭄⬸⬷     

Sonic Altar is an art sharing, discussion and music series hosted by jdaugh with artists, activists and thinkers that builds a sonic altar to the culture of our future reality.

#sonicaltar #shrine13 #dialogue #music #art #culture


Whirlynn is a central Florida-based multimedia artist, musician, curator and educator specializing in interactive live art engaging the audience to become a part of the art with environmental light, repurposed technology and sound.


Tune in to:
Florida Showers
19:00 PST /  22:00 EST

A collection of recorded Florida artists, dj sets, interviews and new releases from Florida’s finest experimental artists.

#experimental #lowfi #ambient #floridanoise #postpunk #dreampop #posteverything

Monthly Curators

Adam Keith, aka Cube, is a musician and multi-disciplinary artist currently based in New York.


Tune in to: 
Baited Area
17:00 PST / 20:00 EST

The audio arm of Baited Area, a magazine about contemporary underground art, culture, and technology. 

#esoteric #collage #industrial #noise #dub #interview #technology

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04:00 DJ Ghost of Badman Blastquez
08:00 Existing Before Eyesight {11:00 EST}
09:00 DJ Ghost of Badman Blastquez
16:00 Medaica
17:00 Elastic {19:00 CST}
18:00 Internal Sunshine
19:00 Existing Before Eyesight - replay from Monday morning
20:00 AyDD
00:00 RELAX - ALPHA frequencies
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02:00 MEDITATE - GAMMA frequencies
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17:00 Horizontal #1stTuesday {airs March 1}
17:00 Baited Area {23:00 EST} #2ndTuesday
18:00 The Mix Match Emperor Show
19:00 Florida Showers {22:00 EST}
20:00 Transit
21:00 Gimme
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18:00 Comme A La Radio {airs March 10}
19:00 Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts
20:00 Weird Cry Records Radio Show
21:00 Sick Spell
22:00 Lietoc's Demands Remain Unwritten
23:00 Gimme
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04:00 Gimme
14:00 Luisa Martinez {airs March 11} #2ndThursday
16:00 Diario de un Musiconauta {18:00 CST} {airs March 4}
17:00 Caos Optimista / Hole Records {19:00 CST}
18:00 Humanx Atomo
19:00 Background Noise {21:00 CST}
21:00 Digital is Mental
22:00 Googoogaga {Begins Feb. 19}
22:00 AyDD
23:00 Moss Gather Stone #1stThursday {08:00 CET}
23:00 Raw Milk #2ndThursday
23:00 Monokid #3rdThursday
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10:00 Ecotone #1stFriday
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10:00 Las Aventuras de Neuroartes #3rdFriday
11:00 Radio Rumorosa {airs March 5}
13:00 The Cosmic Pizza Show
14:00 AyDD
20:00 Hard Party
21:00 OTONO / Prototype #1stFriday
21:00 Dagoberto #2ndFriday
21:00 Nerve #3rdFriday
21:00 Pandemia COOL ERA #4thFriday
22:00 ATTA Lost Signal Dimension
23:00 Ghost of DJ Badman Blastquez
00:00 RELAX - ALPHA frequencies
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04:00 La Panica {07:00 EST} {13:00 CET}
10:00 Hear! Hear! {13:00 EST} {19:00 CET}
11:00 Audio Revolt {14:00 EST} {20:00 CET}
12:00 Shrine13 Guest Room
13:00 Sonic Altar #1st&3rdSaturday
13:00 HyperReading #2nd&4thSaturday
14:00 Orgasmic Whiplash
20:00 TBD
21:00 Puerto Escondido #1stSaturday {23:00 CST}
21:00 Available Balance #2ndSaturday
21:00 Musa Paradisiaca Records #3rdSaturday {23:00 CST}
21:00 Rat-Ward Radio #4thSaturday {00:000 EST}
22:00 Three Ring Collapse #1stSaturday
22:00 Noise Pulp #2ndSaturday
22:0 Puppet and Placebo #3rdSaturday
22:00 Ruidos Ilegales #4thSaturday
23:00 AyDD
00:00 RELAX - ALPHA frequencies
01:00 SLEEP - DELTA frequencies
02:00 MEDITATE - GAMMA frequencies
03:00 FOCUS - BETA frequencies
04:00 AyDD
10:00 Pensamiento Indigena Contemporaneo y su Relacion con el Pensamiento Gandhiano
15:00 Be a Loud Poem #4thSunday
16:00 Siemprevivas #1stSunday
17:00 NOLYMPIA {20:00 EST}
18:00 This Is Not A Drill / BLM {21:00 EST}
19:00 Premirrors
20:00 Oscillating Wildly
21:00 The Electroacoustic Hour
22:00 The Ghost of DJ Badman Blastquez


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nettnettradio is an expansive network of radio makers working to cultivate an art and information channel that aggregates stories from citizens around the world. As a freethinking radio community, we advocate for accessibility, the exchange of knowledge and the development of safe spaces for the production and broadcasting of diverse cultural and artistic practices – essential processes for social, physical and mental well-being. We operate as a self-organized, non-profit, non-corporatized group of artists, activists and innovators that believe in revolution through radio. Now, more than ever, we must work together to develop solidarity among a diverse and impactful web of trans-continental voices.