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12:00am   Be Ur Muse 3rd & 4th
1:00am     Medicine for a Nightmare
2:00am     Less Barking More Biting
3:00am     Reality Denialism
4:00am     East African Vinyl
5:00am     Digital Is Mental
6:00am     Normal Fantasy / Communiqué
7:00am     Sometimes Music
8:00am     Oscillating Wildly
9:00am     The Electroacoustic Hour

4:00pm     Medaica
5:00pm     Keygurr
1st & 3rd
5:00pm     Pacten
2nd & 4th
6:00pm     Internal Sunshine
7:00pm     Existing Before Eyesight

8:00pm     Three Ring Collapse
9:00pm     Moss 1st & 3rd
9:00pm     Afrotopías 2nd & 4th


4:00am     Medaica
5:00am     Keygurr / Pacten  
6:00am     Internal Sunshine
7:00am     Existing Before Eyesight

8:00am     Three Ring Collapse
9:00am     Moss 1st & 3rd
9:00am     Afrotopías 2nd & 4th
5:00pm     Horizontal {1st & 2nd}
6:00pm     Mix Match Emperor Show
7:00pm     Florida Showers
8:00pm     Transit


5:00am     Horizontal
6:00am     Mix Match Emperor Show
7:00am     Florida Showers
8:00am     Transit

4:00pm     Dark Meta Railroad
5:00pm     Lietoc’s Demands Remain Unrwitten
6:00pm     Comme A La Radio
7:00pm     Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts
8:00pm     Weird Cry Records Radio Show
9:00pm     Sick Spell   
1st & 3rd
9:00pm     Raw Milk      
2nd & 4th


5:00am      Lietoc’s Demands Remain Unrwitten
6:00am      Comme A La Radio
7:00am      Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts
8:00am      Weird Cry Records Radio Show
9:00am      Sick Spell / Raw Milk

11:00am    Musician for Palestine 2nd & 4th 2:00pm      Art & Design in the Community coming soon3:00pm      East African Vinyl
5:00pm      Sometimes Music
6:00pm      Extended Outro
8:00pm      Puppet & Placebo
9:00pm      Googoogaagaa


3:00am      East African Vinyl
5:00am      Sometimes Music
6:00am      Extended Outro
7:00am      Background Noise / Puppet & Placebo
9:00pm      Googoogaagaa

10:00am    Ecotone 1st & 3rd
10:00am    Creative Mornings Tijuana
2nd & 4th
11:00am    Radio Rumorosa
12:00pm   The Front Arte y Cultura
1:00pm     Jingletown 2nd & 4th
2:00pm     Cosmic Pizza Show
3:00pm     Baited Area
1st & 3rd
3:00pm     Room for Dessert
2nd & 4th
4:00pm     House Asylum
5:00pm     Getting Ready w/ DJ TALLGIRL
6:00pm     Humanx Atomo
7:00pm     Audio Revolt
8:00pm     Inner Body Experience
1st & 3rd
8:00pm     Hard Party
2nd & 4th 9:00pm     Pandemia Coolera 4th


9:00am      Hear! Hear!
10:00am    Audio Revolt
11:00am    Musicians for Palestine
12:00pm   Shrine13 Guest Room

  Orgasmic Whiplash
4:00pm     TBD
5:00pm     The Front Arte y Cultura
6:00pm     Shrine13 Radio
7:00pm     Transit
8:00pm     Reality Denialism
9:00pm     Baby Banana
3rd & 1st
9:00pm     Rat-Ward Radio
4th & 2nd


12:00am  Shrine13 Guest Room
1:00am    Orgasmic Whiplash
4:00am    TBD
5:00am    The Front Arte y Cultura
6:00am    Shrine13 Radio
7:00am    Transit
8:00am    Reality Denialism
9:00am    Baby Banana   3rd & 1st
9:00am    Rat-Ward Radio 4th & 2nd

12:00pm   Be Ur Muse
3rd & 4th
1:00pm     Medicine For a Nightmare

2:00pm     Less Barking More Biting

3:00pm     Reality Denialism
4:00pm     East African Vinyl
5:00pm     Digital Is Mental
6:00pm     Communiqué 4th & 2nd
6:00pm     Normal Fantasy
1st & 3rd
7:00pm     Sometimes Music

8:00pm     Oscillating Wildly
9:00pm     The Electroacoustic Hour