Tijuana / Los Angeles / New York City / Portland / Mexico City

_January 2021
The Year 2021 has officially begun and movements all around the world are activated and ready for what’s to come. 
The challenges are far from over, but the solidarity and mutual aid that has been displayed from neighborhood to neighborhood and continent to continent is something we can all stand behind during these times of great unrest. We know that we can take care of each other. 
nettnettradio was born in 2020, between a pandemic and an uprising, and has formed into a 24/7 hub of music, art, social justice, independent media, and community. 
Created in the infamous border city of Tijuana, Mex, the station was built on cultivating cross-border relationships in ever changing circumstances. The very nature of the area is experimental. The crossings, contradictions, clashes, and transience of it all fluctuates in such a way that paints the atmosphere and holds space for international communion reflective of its social and political nature. 
The concept of direct action, social justice, and mutual aid being a driving force for the station comes from many of the lessons we experienced this past year. We learned that in times of crisis communities step in and support one another, that people all over the world are staying in touch through various means, and that radio can serve as a tool for revolutionary organizing. 
Please check our weekly updates to find out different ways to get involved in direct action through the airwaves, stay in touch with global community, and how to participate and contribute! 
We are here for you 24/7. 
In solidarity,