Mindfully Curated_Direct Action_Radio 

Mike Meanstreetz

Los Angeles, USA

MMz is a multimedia artist  with work both seeding new genres, and reaping the fallen fruit of old. As such, his non-traditional craft swears allegiance to none. His atonal music, sculpture, video, painting, and costume rarely appear in the singular, most often materializing in a tangle of synaesthesia.

Sunday / 19:00 PST



Who do you see in the mirror?

Join us for Premirrors, a show that opens positing that very question, and airs its response in reflexive monologues by visiting artists contextualizing their “in the studio” musical performances. We feature non commercial and free music of all inspirations based in Los Angeles, cushioning our premiers with spun records & tapes reflecting our guests, as we lounge about before and after the set at the 1234 Test Kitchen. 

Close your eyes and look.

Episode 1:
Special Guest / Matt Robidoux

Matt Robidoux, a San Francisco based composer and improviser working in new genres bumpstar and hayseed electronic music. Recent release “Brief Candles” (2020, \\NULL|ZØNE//) spans a lineup of two chamber ensembles and a rock band, encompassing a “grasp of strange lumps of pop texture handled as avant readymades”. 

A new solo configuration makes use of chance processes, hand-built electronics, modular synthesis, 808 and electric bass.

Episode 2:
Special Guest / Andorkappen

Andorkappen AKA Sandor G. Finta is a Hungarian American sound & visual artist based in Los Angeles. He’s been active in the L.A. underground music scene for over 20 years as a recording/performing artist, curator, organizer as well as record label (Universal Consciousness, formerly Bastardised).


Episode 2:
Special Guest / Pure Shit

Pure Shit is based in and around Los Angeles, but biographies aren’t important. Revelations and regeneration is what Pure Shit is all about. This band is a weapon.

Episode 4:
Special Guest / Sleepwalkers Local

Sleepwalkers Local – a return to the five string electric guitar and moaning vocals. A loping loop and a sad trudge by a beautiful river. 

Grant Capes is Sleepwalkers Local. He will always remember his father’s confusion on hearing the tracks. “Can’t you say something happier”. Releases on House of Alchemy, Stunned, and the defunct Phantom Limb.


Ghost of DJ Badman Blastquez

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