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Coaxial presents: Axial Age Festival

12 — 10 @ 00:00 - 17 — 10 @ 00:00


Coaxial Arts Foundation presents AXIAL AGE FESTIVAL livestreamed and co-presented with curators the wulf, Island of Misfit Toys, nettnett /+/ OTONO, Queerspace, Raah Lein, and the Coaxial board. Our new Axial Age is a contemporary liminal period, when old certainties had lost their validity and new ones are still not ready. The festival runs from Monday 10/12 through Saturday 10/17.

The original Axial Age is the period when, roughly at the same time around most of the Eurasian societies in 8th to the 3rd century BCE, the great intellectual, philosophical, and religious systems that came to shape subsequent human society and culture emerged: Chinese philosophy of Confucius and Lao-Tse, Buddha and Upanishad in India, Zarathustra in Persia, Elijah and Isaiah in Palestine, Homer and Plato in Greece. The Axial Age was a shift—or a turn, as if on an axis—away from more predominantly localized concerns and toward transcendence.

Monday 10/12 – 7pm PST: the wulf
Tuesday 10/13 – 6:30pm PST: Island of Misfit Toys
Wednesday 10/14 – 7pm PST: nettnett /+/ OTONO
Thursday 10/15 – 8pm PST: Queerspace
Friday 10/16 – 8pm PST: Raah Lein
Saturday 10/17 – 7pm PST: Sloosh Vampires


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MONDAY 10/12: the wulf

Lil’ Jürg Frey
An experimental music ensemble that exists within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Lil’ Jürg Frey is Dicky Bahto, Erika Bell, Morgan Gerstmar, and Stephanie Smith. “…while the game’s cute graphics and the performances’ overall premise may feel gimmicky at first, the meticulous consideration for rhythm, sonic qualities and spirited experimentation are undeniable upon viewing and very much in the lineage of Fluxus … what they accomplish here feels surprising, enthralling and nothing short of singular.” – Joshua Minsoo Kim, The Wire.

Casey & Cassie Duo
Casey Anderson is an artist working with sound in a number of media, including composition, improvisation, electronic music, saxophone, text, and installations.
Cassiopeia Sturm is a Los Angeles based sound artist and instrument builder whose absurd, speculative creations critique and reimagine the relationship between humans and technology. She uses interface design and generative algorithms to develop new methods of exploring technology from a personal perspective. In constructing, documenting, and sharing these inventions, Cassiopeia seeks to empower others to create their own devices.

Pauline Lay
Pauline Lay is an instrumentalist, composer, and events organizer in Los Angeles. She has performed and presented work at several larger institutions, venues, and areas throughout the US, but has also enjoyed the spirit of DIY venues, backyards, and cozy living rooms. Apart from her solo improvised violin and electronics performances, she currently performs and collaborates with other musicians in varying iterations and genres from duets to larger ensembles.