Mindfully Curated_Direct Action_Radio 


Tijuana, Mexico / San Diego, Los Angeles, USA

AyDD is a crossborder multimedia artist, curator and activist based in the Southern California and Baja California region. 

Fridays 19:00 PST

Hora Ultima


Hora Ultima features recently released material, live recordings and sneak previews of upcoming cultural and activist endeavors.

This episode covers a wide variety of contemporary music - from free jazz to computer music to acoustic ensembles. #experimenal #freeimprovisation #contemporaryclassical #electronic

nettnettradio is an expansive network of radio makers working to cultivate an art and information channel that aggregates stories from citizens around the world. As a freethinking radio community, we advocate for accessibility, the exchange of knowledge and the development of safe spaces for the production and broadcasting of diverse cultural and artistic practices – essential processes for social, physical and mental well-being. We operate as a self-organized, non-profit, non-corporatized group of artists, activists and innovators that believe in revolution through radio. Now, more than ever, we must work together to develop solidarity among a diverse and impactful web of trans-continental voices.